Saturday, September 11, 2010


Thrilling though occasionally tooth-achingly sweet Dutch Prog frivolity that occupies a mid-ground between their country mates in Supersister and Solution, while occasionally offering up servings of the sorta wide-eyed early Yes worship heard on albums by Sweden's Vildkaktus, along with it's attendant sweetly oohing and aahing choruses. True, they're not quite as technically or compositionally advanced as those Dutch peers of theirs, and those with a preference for a "heavier" vision of prog will find some of this pretty-as-a-daisy tootling and ivory tickling off-putting. It's their loss, methinks. As far as I'm concerned, this particular breed of flute and sax laden symphonic winsomeness is pretty damn near unimpeachable. Note: this transfer is taken from a later CD issue, which included three bonus tracks.

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Anonymous said...

OK , I`ll now admit I like this record a good deal more. I have revisited and "up-graded".

I sometimes still find the sax playing , a bit , erm "cloying" , but it`s worth having for the side long title track, certainly.
A nice solid "11" :^)

~V Dorje