Saturday, September 25, 2010


Exceptionally eerie and unnerving essays for for slo-mo string-laden improv blear and ecstatic female utterance rent by occasional depth charge explosions of freeform hysteria from what was apparently one of Poland's top actresses of the period, here working in collaboration with an outwardly bound trumpet/piano/bass/percussion ensemble of exceptional poise and gravity and covering the full gamut from coo to caterwaul and rasping hiss to operatic trill. Fans of outwardly bound female vocals will be thunderstruck.

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Anonymous said...

I dont no why over 3 years link of ALCO stay and this is not ALCO???Remove that links!Thanks ! WAL

Feq'wah said...

Thanks! Nice contrast between the more contained tension and explosiveness otherwise

Anonymous said...

deja vu? i swear seen this ALCO comment before. i never fuckin buy my dog alco

Jakob von Gunten said...

Absolutely mindblowing! A million thanks for this!


Music for Songwriters said...

great album! my uncle had a record like this and he always listened to it...thanks for sharing...

alexgeo said...

is it possible to re upload Nu Creative Methods [Pierre Bastien]- Nu Jungle Dances ??
my cd jump
what a shame
thanx a lot

Anonymous said...

IGA CEMBRZYNSKA ! Wow ! erm , yeah !!! simply incredibkle !

I just grabbbed (as you had sugggested and,... whew !
a total delight , my man

this will easily get a big
"13" from me :^D)

yes, dee-lightfulness indeed !

~V. Dorje

michael farris said...

Another virtuoso performance by the great Iga Cembrzynska:

For the first 3.35 she 'performs' the credits of the movie Hydrozagadka (Hydropuzzle) reading off functions and names while generally acting batshit insane. She was pretty awesome in everything she did.

mietek said...

she also performed straightforward songs for a, say, mainstream audiences. nothing revolutionary.
and yes, Hydrozagadka- Hydro-mystery - is quite a movie. Just too-too-blatant over-the-top parody of Superman or such shit, super-meta-conventional or whatever, before the term 'postmodernism' was coined i believe.

roger said...

would you like to hear the real ax band move your ass in time, maybe post it at your blog if you like. get it hear.

mietek said...

have just been informed that even the artists performing on this LP do NOT own this record. would you please consider uploading this super rarity in a lossless format?

Unknown said...

Ihave this on vinyl.Does anyone know its value