Thursday, February 17, 2011


This has been the most furiously busy time for VDO in recent years, with a flurry of upcoming releases and label activity that'll be announced over the coming weeks, but it's also served to thwart every attempt to get shit posted in a timely fashion this go 'round. Expect to find the long-awaited return of the Alphabetical Uploads Of Whacked Out Singles series when posts finally do go up over this coming weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I visit your fabulous site since 4 years and is AMAZING!!! THANKS FOR ALL!!!. I have a request: Please,can you post the second cd from Vas Deferens Organization - Ninth Ward Fourth World???.
Thanks man!!!
Santiago from Argentina

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the next post of Alphabetical singles uploads...was beginning to think maybe that it was a "lost" project. I download from yr blog religiously every time you post and this next one is anxiously anticipated. Keep up the great work.

Jack Celliers said...

Not to put pressure, but guess you have a long queue here... Your blog is quite a cultural achievement.

Big thanks and keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Arrrrrghhh ;)

S.W. Seant said...

YES, VDO Second Side PLEZZE!

Anonymous said...

it goes without saying that this blog is a world treasure
but i have to say that my favorite part is the whacked out singles!!!!
gem after gem i am glutted nearly to death (happy heaven no. 9)

thanks so much for it all!!