Monday, June 20, 2011


This instantly deleted 100 copy CDR comp is split between three bands; one relatively high profile, one de rigueur for this sorta thing and a third that's a question mark, the lot of 'em assembled to provide the soundtrack to the stitched kitsch of Chie Fukao and Leif Ritchey's visual art installation from which this compendium takes it's name. The prolific improv rock freaks in Sunburned Hand Of The Man turn in one of the best of their post-psychedelic interventions here, plowing a very deep trough of Swedish underground-derived acid trudge across 14 mantric minutes, while the esteemed New York speaker cone shredders in Sightings plays a tortured game of whack-a-mole with hairballs of sonic filth, as is their wont. A third outfit under the banner of The Arb offer some slight rhythm-machine abetted drift that probably worked better in tandem with Fukao and Richey's thrift store entanglements than on their lonesome here, but I expect the Sunburned and Sightings material here will more than suffice for the majority of you.

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