Monday, January 14, 2013


Sorry for the extra-long delay with new shares this time, but the last several weeks have been devoted almost exclusively to finishing up work on multiple Vas Deferens Organization projects that were left neglected during all the recent blog repair. These include a new VDO collaboration with Philip Sanderson of Storm Bugs, two new VDO albums that are now in post-production and our previously announced collaborations with Michael Alan, Audace and Ben Presto

Thanks for your patience. It will be rewarded with some particularly choice goodies this with this next round of posts.


Anonymous said...

seriously, man, i can bear the wait. thanks 1,000,000

Anonymous said...

Please re-up the Chronicle LP. :) said...

didn't found a mail address on the blog.
I've uploaded a release from a group 'Lezard'
It's on a free account with roughly 49gb download limit still left.

I've got it 1998 from a friend in cologne but never got any more
info about the band.
All searches went nowhere and I've
never found any references.

Meanwhile I've lost contact to my friend...
I really like it and want to share it with others - maybe someone
else knows more than I do about the band/release.

thanks for this blog!


Anonymous said...

Are you going to share the Hypnobeat - Huggables tape(s) you mentioned in the Sunday Painters-Surface Paradise - 4th Annual Report post you made back a while? Just curious. Is it really 3 hours worth of music as well?