Sunday, May 20, 2007

He 6 -A Go Go! - Go Go Sound '71: Vol. 1 & 2,2LP boxset,1971/2004,Korea

...And the Lemmy-goes-to-India sounds of Sam Gopal. And the Juan dela Cruz Band from the Phillipines. And Turkish music galore. And all those incredible Cambodian Rocks comps. Et cetera, et cetera. Yup, we've had a lot of vintage heavy rock and psych reissues from all over the world now, but this is maybe the first time we've gotten our hands on something from Korea (and hopefully not the last -- we'd love to get Sanullim discs too, someday).Recorded in, yay, 1971, pressed in a ridiculously limited (promotion only) quantity of 300 copies each, and subsequently all but forgotten, these two records by Korean psychedelic groovesters the HE 6 are some gems indeed! With the exception of the closing side-long seventeen minute cover of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" (which faithfully does indeed include the obligatory drum solo as per the original version, along with what sounds like a police siren and also an added *flute* solo!) all the tracks on the two albums Go Go Sound '71 vol. 1 and Go Go Sound '71 vol. 2 included here are instrumental jams -- numbered themes with titles like "Theme 2. 4/4 for Guitar" and "Theme 3. Running Human". And even "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" is mostly instrumental of course.Listening to the other tracks on this disc it makes sense that they would choose Iron Butterfly's opus as the sole tune to cover. Like that tune, all of their originals are extended jams led by fuzzed-out electric guitar and Hammond organ. In addition, the aforementioned flute gets a workout too. (Yet another victory for the flute, so often mistakenly perceived as diminutive instrument! But the flute can certainly hold its own in this heavy, groovy, acid-rock band.) And it's crucial to mention that HE 6's rhythm section is darn tight! Indeed, this stuff's funky enough that we're sure they were probably just as much influenced by James Brown's band The JB's as they were by the likes of the Vanilla Fudge and Iron Butterfly. If not so obscure, we're sure this would have been plundered by DJs looking for the swank breaks... who knows, maybe hip hop producers in Korea have done so? So, very much recommended to all you folks into these sorta swinging '60s/'70s sounds -- especially if you dig the Cambodian Rocks and Thai Beat comps!
Excellent weird LPs to blow your mind and set your psychedelic "love in"(!)) party to fire!
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NOTE:these records were re-released recently in a limited edition boxset bit really don't think there are any left!


lo-fi jr. said...

Huge fan of all that's fuzzed and foreign (to me). Much love for this one.

Anonymous said...

this sort of share is exactly what makes mutant sounds so finding a lost treasure from some distant land. wonderful!-
lord cornelius plum

Buck said...

simply superbad !
thanks a lot Mutantsounds

Anonymous said...

love he6! got the box reissue. i have san ul lim 1-5 if you ever need!

this blog is the shiiiiiiiit. love it!

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

found your blog by accident while looking for go go pictures. Glad I did; this comp looks outstanding. Thanks for leaving the archive available to latecomers like me.

Peace and blessings.

Harmonix said...

Good stuff here. Couldn't find anything else by them online, so, thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

Hi, have you heard these/do you have any of them:

he 6 - vol 1 and vol 2
kim hee gap - go go sound vol 1
shin jung hyun & golden grapes-sound vol 3
songgolmae - 1


SpaceD-Boogie said...

A hat tip to you sir, this blows my mind!

Carl Draper said...

Hi, could you repost the download link? The Rapidshare link is dead.