Thursday, June 7, 2007

Asakawa Maki-Asakawa Maki no Sekai,1970+II,1971,LPs,Japan

Maki’s first album recorded and released in September 1970 and came into being after an alliance with enfant terrible of the Japanese avant-garde Terayama Shuji (Tenjosajiki fame). Maki’s black clad and sugarless, petroleum dark coffee voice gets set against a folk-avant-jazz and psych backing. Between the tracks of each song, the listener gets treated to some filed recording like musique concrete insertions, that augment the overall atmospheric quality of this late night alcohol and nicotine stained recording. Stunningly fantastic female vocals and utterly rare.
Maki Asakawa’s third record(2nd studio), "Maki II." “Maki Asakawa is the perfect late night beatnik torch singer – head to toe black, enigmatic smile, existential angst and a smack ‘n’ black coffee voice.” (Alan Cummings). Dark clad, nicotine stained and black sugarless coffee drenched female vocals against an avant-jazz backing, excellent for those late night booze drenched evenings. Jazzy-styled acid folk with superb female vocals. Jazzy influences touch on fragile acid folk with psychedelic overtones. Stunningly great.
Stunning LPs by this phenomenal Japanese artist.Great for late night hearing(after drinking some alcohol the effect is better!)
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FortFort said...

Thanks for this! And for all the other good stuff.

Got a request: would you happen to have any Dub Sonic?

ajf said...

Amazing! Thank you!

Robert said...

These are era-defining records.

Here are the song titles for Asakawa Maki no Sekai

Japanese first:

1. 夜が明けたら
2. ふしあわせという名の猫
3. 淋しさには名前がない
4. ちっちゃな時から
5. 前科者のクリスマス
6. 赤い橋
7. かもめ
8. 時には母のない子のように
9. 雪が降る
10. 愛さないの 愛せないの
11. 13日の金曜日のブルース
12. 山河ありき


1. Yoru ga aketara
2. Fushiawase to iu na no neko
3. Sabishisa ni wa namae ga nai
4. chitchana toki kara
5. Zenkasha no Christmas
6. Akai Hashi
7. Kamome
8. Toki ni wa haha no nai ko no you ni
9. Yuki ga furu
10. Aisanai no aisenai no
11 Juusannichi no kinyoubi no blues
12. Yamakawa ariki

Anonymous said...

There is the jitter noise on track 10. (Asakawa Maki no Sekai)

Dirk said...

looks like a interesting release

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lackoo said...


Anonymous said...

seems like i have read this review some place else, like others on this blog. instead of ripping off reviews it should be correct to inform yr listeners from where you got the info/ reviews instead of claiming them as yr own. Just a thought, for the rest keep on doing yr thang

mutantsounds said...

dear anonymous,never claimed review is mine....this was from an e-bay auction some months back...

Shane said...

Do you think we could get any higher res images for the covers?

Diggey said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I'm so grateful! Maki is wonderful!

Paco Puente said...

The other day I heard the OST of the movie "9 Souls" and found the track "Chiccha na toki kara" there... I heard that song like 10 times just thinking that its awesome! next thing i did was search about the artist in google, and Now i'm listening to your release and i cant belive there's such a great singer in the world. Thanks.

peskypesky said...

hmm...don't know what to make of this, but it sounds intriguing for sure....thanks for sharing.

nagoyaoya said...

Asakawa Maki died last weekennd of a heart attack shortly before performing in Nagoya. Full story here:

Anonymous said...

found out about her music the day she died. Thanks for these. i've been listening to Blue Spirit Blues and it's quite stunning.