Thursday, June 28, 2007

Claudo Peloquin -L'Ouverture Du Paradis ,LP,1979,Canada

An electronic/progressive masterpeice by the Canadia singer Claudo Peloquin,known from his LP with Sauvageau from 1972 ,Laissez-nous vous embrasser où vous avez mal.An excellent very emotional LP reminding me a bit of Igor Wakhévitch and a bit of Iceland era Richard Pinhas. The only disavantage is it's very litle duration.

get this gem here


w°w said...

if you understand french.
raaaaaaah !

Francis Jan said...

Merci pour cette redécouverte !
Contrairement à ce que dit ci-dessus w°w , la voix est plutôt catastrophique et gâche tout alors que la musique tient très bien la route ! Dommage...

Freddy said...

Seems that's missing 2 parts as the "réalités perpétuelles" is supposed to be in 4 parts on the b side of this record and here we have only the first and the second. Very magical and poetical lp as it leaves me on my appetite for those missing parts.