Saturday, June 2, 2007


This mercurial Neue Deutche Welle "didactical unit" discharge thrillingly scabrous and prickly no-waveish sturm und drang, their great lungfuls of malcontent disgorged in a very Christoph Anders (Cassiber/Toto Lotto) way over a hotbed of Ravenstine-ian synth buzz, flutter and grind, sax blurt and percussive clatter. One of the best from the down-in-the-mouth wing of the NDW underground.

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Graham said...

Scabrous. Great word, had to look it up. This is FANTASTIC, both the "song" side and the "levitating throb" side.

I wonder what year it was, and what I was listening to meanwhile. Possibly Echo and the Bunnymen. I feel so ... parochial. (Not that EATB weren't a fine band, but they could have used a bit more, um, "scabrous" in my opinion.)

Thanks for the ongoing enlightenment.

Inga said...

the Didaktische Einheit 1981-1983, I was one of the bassist and the singer also background noises...Ich will zurueck in der Mutterleib, was one hit song this time.