Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Furekaaben-Rode Roser(2nd LP),LP,1971,Denmark

Even rarer than their first LP ,Prinsesseværelset,this is a masterpiece of experimental acid folk jams.Totally stoned ,the music springs out of collective improvisation. Sometimes the playing is completely free with no other basis than the listeners and the room, At other times the improvisation centers upon Hans Vindings words and tunes.For those speaking Danish, go here
for extensive infos.

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Anonymous said...

wunderbar. i used to have the lp. weird ass album. bought from paul major. remember him? you should see his description of album. funnier than hell. nice to hear this again. you have Prinsesseværelset as well?

Anonymous said...

This one is great! Thanks. Any chance Prinsesseværelset will be posted?

Anonymous said...

Just wonderfull to find this very special release - Thanks !
The name of the LP is actually Furekaaben and was released by by the band. "Rode Rose" (red rose) was the name of the collective in Copenhagen where the band recited in those days.
Hans Winding: Guitar - voice
Thorbjorn Thomsen: Guitar - voice
Jens Thorning Hansen - Guitar
Mikkel Bayer: Cello
Vivi-Jo Heede: Voice
Anthony Barnett: Flute - percussion
Emmerick Warburg: Flute
Steen Claesson: Violin.
After Furekaaben Hans, Steen and Jens continued in Hyldemor. Both bands was an outlet for Hans Winding´s Totally brilliant songs and lyrics

Thanks again from Ib from Denmark