Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Kaiser Nietzsche - Heterology,LP,1989,Canada/Japan

80s Canandian experimental/sound art collective who were involved with the Freedom In A Vacuum and Music Gallery Editions labels.Nine tracks of varied experemental Electronic and Acoustic sound manipulations.Will apply any fan of early NWW,HNAS,Organum.Droning,creepy electronics and taped sounds creating naghtmarish dark atmosphere.
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Seal Pool said...

This LP is everywhere here in Japan. Anyone want it, post a note.

RisingRunner said...

Thanks for this. Got any more "Freedom in a Vacuum" releases, like Unkommuniti? (I've got a bunch of tapes around here somewhere)


Anonymous said...

This one leaves me speechless in a positive way.

A hot summer day may not be the best environment for this record, so I will look forward to listening to this at night.

I thank you, once again.