Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mutant Sounds 2nd Musical Report

Friends of the blog ,please be informed that, after the succesfull 1st musical report,on Friday 8 June 2007, the 2nd Mutant Sounds musical report ,will take place in DRON bar (Emporiou Square /Πλατεία Εμπορίου) in Thessaloniki. Jim Mutantsounds will be on the decks ready to cause massive earthquakes !If there feel free to say hi.Wish not only Greek friends would be able to be there.Waiting you there(after 22:30).


ommyth said...

Jim, I think you need a larger set of headphones! Can't the people at DRON hook you up with, say, a pair of Genelec studio monitors connected to a flexible, three-meter strand of PVC?

(I realize it's only the forced perspective of the image that makes the 'phones appear the size of aircraft tires...)

Best of luck with the next report!



Anonymous said...

Jim, would it be an idea to transmit your set via the net?

Thumbs Up,


mutantsounds said...

yeah...that's a good idea but...i don't know how...actually in the next weeks we are working on live transmissions from Dron through cameras , in my blog...but we don't know exactly the way

stonerhead said...

o lykos kai an egerase... tomari den allazei!

mutantsounds said...

grapse re ki ena onomataki gamoto!