Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ogam Gnomegang-Gang of Gnomes,CD-R,2003,Dominican Republic(!)

Strange totally unknown one man band from Dominican republic(!).Electronic weirdness in the best German school tradition.Sometimes scary,sometimes floating space music,sometimes traditional eastern music manipulted by synths....Excellent!Highly recommented!And if you wonder whothehell is thar Ogm Gnomegang,sorry no infos found anywhere.Seems this is a demo cd-r,but then who knows?
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Anonymous said...

this is awesome! I work with Dominicans that listen to 'Bachata' Music all day, and I cant wait to put this CD on, let them complain, and t hen tell them where it comes from!! :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

I like this! Wish I could hear more from this guy.

Anonymous said...

looking at your post about this composer,did find this site
Doktor Gnomegang's Site
hope this could be helpful
thank you