Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Psynkopat-Har Vi Någon Stil,LP,1978,Sweden

A very rare Swedish release of an obscure band/collective.Imagine King crimson, Ramones and Stravinsky jamming together with Frank Zappa leading the whole act.Released in 1978 through Mistlur label,some consider it punk(well ...er....ok avant punk)...i don't think so.Reminds me much of ZNR recordings.A true must for all mutated ears!More infos would be much appreciated!

get it here


Anonymous said...

Two of the three guitar(bas)players now play in a group called "Tow Truck Two"



Anonymous said...

Psynkopat-Har Vi Någon Stil,LP,1978,Sweden

Frick Yeah!!!!!

Thx Mucho!!!

Fred G. Sanford said...

whoa !

You are DJ ing in Greece?

DO you have any Turkish music to share?

I may put some Turk-Psych Trax up to Badongo soon..

dell said...

i almost broke my fucking finger clicking the link after u explained the imaginary lineup.

Anonymous said...

thanks for these albums. theyre great!!