Monday, June 4, 2007

Richard Bone-Life in Video City,tape,1980,USA

Richard Bone (1952) is considered one of the founding members of the New York electronic music scene. He began composing songs and improvisational pieces using the very first commercially available synthesizers as early as 1979. The exploration of electronics in underground pop and the new wave sounds of the early 1980s continued until the middle of that decade. At that point Richard's music began to reflect his admiration for the pioneering works of Harold Budd and Brian Eno. By the 1990s Bone had stopped composing and recording vocal works entirely and to this day he continues to search for new and fresh approaches to that art form now called “ambient”. Recent explorations of ethnic rhythms also have found their way into some of Mr. Bone's music. In 2003 a new ambient work, “Indium”...which was composed for the First International Festival of Electronic Music in St. Petersburg, was released on “Electroshock Records”. A new work of ambient experimentation, “The Serene Life of Microbes”, is in the planning stages with a projected release on “Electroshock Records” in late 2004 or early 2005.
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This was an extremely limited release of 25 copies through Eurock magazine label.Not the known rhythmic electronic weirdness here,but a more experimental work.
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heys guys, love the blog, just found out about it and love everything ive gotten so far =)

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thanks for this. I have the tape noir music that has a richard bone song on it and it was one of my favs and I looked for more of his stuff, but never found any. this blog kicks my ass every day.

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.....speaking of Eurock releases, does anyone have a good rip of the Eurock compilation that came out originally on lp? It had tracks by Richard Bone, Doctor Wize, Jasun Martz, and others. Would appreciate greatly any help with this.....

Another request would be the two Craig Leon albums Nommos and Visiting. Have vague memories of them both.......heard at a fellow music obsessive's place.....IIRC,
both were quite good.

And many thanks for the Richard Bone!


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Thanx guys for upping this rare stuff. Everyday a pleasure to visit this site!