Saturday, June 9, 2007

Schlaflose Nächte-The Angel Will Not Come,LP,1983,Netherlands

LP released in 1983 with an interesting line-up: Blixa Bargeld & F.M. Einheit together with Peter Prima, Alexander von Borsig, Horst Rickels, Jens, Roland & Rob Scholte (yes, the painter!). Avantgarde wave or call it post-punk?Whatever you call it here we have an excellent electronics/industrial dark sounding LP.
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Anonymous said...

thanks for this wonderful album,but the track Zerrissen is missing (should be track b3),can you correct this thanks.

Kevin said...

most excellent.

Leandro Albuquerque said...

ops, my problem isn't with the B3 track, it is there linked to the B2 track!
I do not get to drag this folder (or a single MP3) out from the RAR file.
Must be any defect in this RAR file!
Please, can you check it?


Anonymous said...

I have had the same problem as Leandro.

Anonymous said...

Not come across this LP before - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please, re-post the file...
RAR with deffect.

Thank you

Rattenjule said...

fuck, I got the same problem. Maybe it's because of this strange sign in it "δ", it should be an "ä".
Can you please re-upload this?