Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This largely astonishing minimal synth into experimental electronic compilation was released on Steve Miro's Object Music label, with Miro's deadly Noyes Bros. group alongside Steve Solamar occupying the entirety of side B with the bleary brainwarping disjoint of "Good Question", it's mutating queasy orbits of synthetic slurry held in check (barely) by rinky-dink preset rhythmbox pitter patter. Solamar in solo mode also launches side A with the instrumental gem "Forewarned" a pure slice of early Martin Rev style neon-pulsing minimal synth beauty. 41 Degrees also score with an ingratiating slow boil of subtle extended repetitive post punk that carries on for around ten minutes and leaves room for the albums only (slight) flaw, an insubstantial waft of acoustic treacle from one Roger Blackburn thats easily overlooked on an otherwise solidly outstanding release.

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mezon said...

wow, I love this "do the maru" compilation, thanks heaps!, I have to agree with you in that the whole comp is great bar the 1 track you mention, altough good still.... My fave would have to be the 41 degrees track... hell, the whole thing is good.
Cheers again

Anonymous said...

Object was Steve Solamar's label.

mutantsounds said...

actually Object Music was Miro/Solomar's label,who were....anyway i'm not going gossiping here:)
BTW:A Quizz for all Mutant Sounds users:Where's Steve Miro now?

mezon said...

I found another Object release here at this blog:
(scroll down a bit)

"the passage - pindrop", you might wanna check the write up for it in regards to quality, I haven't listened to it yet though.


Kevin Eden said...

Thanks for your kind words re the 41 Degrees track. We went onto to release an album on our own 41 label called Open Heart in 1982.

Just to set the record straight, the Object label was Steve Solomar's label alone. Steve Miro was just one of the artists on the label.

Kevin Eden said...

Please remove the download link for this album. The music is still under worldwide copyright and no permission has been given by myself or any of the other artists for downloads to be made.