Sunday, June 3, 2007

Vytas Brenner-Jayeche,LP,1975,Venezuela

Vytas Brenner (September 19, 1946 - March 18, 2004) was a musician, keyboardist and composer.
He was born in Tübingen, Germany. Like many Europeans after World War II, his family emigrated to Venezuela in 1949. Raised in Caracas, he started as musician in the 1970s with a combination of PROG (compositions and electric, electronic instruments, piano) with Symphonic Rock, Latin rhythms, Venezuelan genres and acoustic instruments, that were recorded in various LP's. Today at international level, these old and rare vinyl records fetch between $66 & $198.
He died of a heart attack in Salzburg, Austria at the age of 57.
Jayeche is an intriguing album, alternating dreamy synth-scapes with energetic, percussive fusion workouts. Surprisingly good, especially given the cheapness of the synth equipment.

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Thanks for this - some great moments and a really interesting fusion of different elements.

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wow...great record..ty for sharing