Sunday, July 13, 2008

Claude Vasori-Musique pour l'image no.2 - Action, charme, espace,10" MLP,1967,France

Claude Vasori was an arranger and jazz musician working in France during the sixties and seventies, his output was prolific during this period and its not that uncommon to find his name somewhere on the back of many French pop records from this era. Most of his library work was released on the MPI label , along with other well respected session musicians such as Robert Viger, Vincent Geminiani and Georges Arvanitas.
Outstanding "library music " LP, with groovy psychedelic tunes,electronics minimalism and "out there" atmpsphere, mixed with jazzish influences,released in 1967 through Music Pour l' Image (MPI) label.Highly recommented!
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Phylips said...

Hi, this is a great label. Do you have more MPI's or links to them?
Please share! i'll upload one of these days MPI12 + MPI18

hector said...

Claude Vasori was going to become CARAVELLI in the 60s, 70s and 80s and he really was a name then.

armeur H said...

Musique pur l'image n°5 here :

Anonymous said...


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thomasmappbe said...
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thomasmappbe said...

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