Sunday, July 13, 2008

Roger Roger-4 LPs,1970s,France

Chatta Mooga Choo Choo(1976)
Musique Idiote(1971)
Gags a Go Go (1970)
Sounds Industrial (1968)
Roger Roger (5 August 1911 - 12 June 1995) was a French film composer and bandleader.
Born at Rouen, Normandy, Roger started composing for films in the 1930s, and was responsible for the famous pantomime sequences in Marcel Carné's Les Enfants du Paradis (1944). He also performed and composed music for several European radio stations, including Radio Luxembourg, Radio 37 and Europe 1.
After the Second World War, Roger became a composer of library music, i.e. music designed to evoke a particular mood in a film or television production. Much of his output became available via Chappell Music, and Roger also went into partnership with Frank Chacksfield to work on several projects for the BBC.
He died in Paris in 1995. Since his death, renewed interest in light music has seen several CD albums released, both in dedicated albums and in compilations, notably of test card music, where some of Roger's music was used by the BBC in the 1970s.
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Roger Roger is also known as Cecil Leuter.These are 4 of his most representave LPs .Enjoy moog weirdness turning to martini bar lounge music turning to groovy psych tunes.
get them here and here


Zer0_II said...

Thank you very much. I've had Sounds Industrial for some time. It was one of the first albums of library music that I had the pleasure of listening to. I'll be sure to check out the others that I don't have. I'm sure that they will be equally amazing. Thank you once again.


Prohibition69 said...

Knew I'd seen that Musique Idiote cover somewhere before, these are links to odd cover dj mixes (you might be amused/interested):-

Anonymous said...

The second .rar archive doesn't work properly in Stuffit on Mac OS X.

Kerry Maxwell said...

Use UnRarX and open the first file. It automatically unarchives the second file ( assuming they are in the same place).


Mr Fab said...

Oh, please please please re-up the file with "Gags A Go Go" (when I dl it, it's empty) - been drooling over that one since I've heard Vicki PeopleLikeUs play it on her radio show.

vdoandsound said...

mr. fab-I downloaded that one just the other day and it worked fine for me. No idea why it's showing up empty on your computer...

Mr Fab said...

Got it! Wonderful stuff, thanks. Well I got some of the albums, still can't get "Industrial" for some odd reason. Something hinky at my end, I guess. But "Gags A GoGo" was the one I came for, so I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

please use mediafire instead of worthless rapidshare

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of sweetness!

when i hear gags and chatta mooga i have to eat sugar covered donuts and when i hear sound industrial or musique idiote i have to drink liquid caramel plus fresh baked Neapolitan zeppola !

you say i'm quite near diabetis ?
or it is just the otherwordly SSSWWEEETTNNEESS
of Roger and Nardini soundings!

Blessed them in Paradise!