Sunday, July 13, 2008


Following my post of their Live At Tokuzo 2002 (as well as solo works by members Rick Potts, Joseph Hammer and Steve Thomsen), here's the completely essential debut statement from this landmark L.A. Free Music Society outfit. Between the three of them, these fine gents have carved out a universe of deliciously askew sonics that in a sane world, hepsters would be building shrines to. Well...count my repeated spiels about their collective brilliance as virtual bricks in said shrine, with "Electromagnetic Field And Stream Of Consciousness" occupying a central tier of it. Solid Eye was essentially the continuation of the demented tape loop based work initiated by Potts and Hammer in their Dinosaurs With Horns project (apparently also still a going concern, as evidenced by the new release of theirs on Melon Explorer), only with the addition of ex-Monitor member Steve Thomsen adumbrating the sound with his mysterious synthetic interventions, and the delirious brew of the queasy, wheezy, zany and faux spooky they concoct out of antique synths, optigans, and loops, loops and more loops is a dizzying and magical thing to behold.

Get pt 1 Here

Get pt 2 Here


Anonymous said...

this is brilliant. it's almost like listening to loveless for the first time. i haven't had this kind of experience in a while.

fuzztunnel said...

Much thanks for this one.

herring said...

many thanks, this music makes me feel like a muppet!