Thursday, July 3, 2008


These accomplished and largely overlooked Long Beach, California drone merchants both predate and surpass much of the mountain of work of a similar stripe thats accumulated in the years hence as The Drone has assumed primacy in many avant quarters. Drone is as drone does and iterating what distinguishes Turk Knifes Pope from their peers would have to begin with the sonics themselves, which are by turns buttery rich and tartly astringent, febrile with harmonic excitation, warmly enveloping (if emotionally unsettling) and beautifully produced with strafed layers of harmonium wheeze, string scrape and electronic burr rippling across the cilia of your ear canals like the sexiest sandpaper ever.

Get pt. 1 Here

Get pt. 2 Here


Anonymous said...

Great drone music! Really scratched an itch

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Even managed to grab the album for cheap after hearing it here :) Any other stuff by Turk Knifes Pope or similar acts would be highly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

What a great album! Could you perhaps upload the 'Turk Knifes Pope / Petit Mal - Sleep Therapy Suite / The Process of Emptying an Open Window' split CD as well (Zenflesh One)?

Fernando Albarello said...

This blog is wonderul. Congratulations!!!

PD: I'm colombian and love the underground and experimental music.

Casey said...

you know you want to re-upload.
we'll be grateful.
best blog eva

zenflesh said...

Thank you for the review Mutant Sounds.
Since the link is long expired, thought I'd point out that Mad Dog is available for free download from (the rest of the Zenflesh/TKP catalog is also available for download at the same place.