Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Chaparall Electric Sound Inc.-Electric Sound for Dancing,LP,Germany,1970

Great heavy psych with bluesy edges by this German band who later became Hairy Chapter (songs are listed as Chapter on the labels).Released through the obscure Maritim label. Sometimes great Hedrix-like fuzzy wah wah guitars ,sometimes acid tingled heavy psych .HIGHLY RECOMMENTED!

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Anonymous said...

Maritim is far from being an "obscure label". It was (and still is) simply one of the two or three most important German labels for producing "Hörspiele" (radio plays) for children (e.g. Edgar Wallace with famous actor Manfred Krug). Yet, it's certainly obscure that such a label produces an album like this.

Anonymous said...

Killershit this album, superb post overall, huge thanks for sharing.

T said...

hmm, I'm having glitches towards the end of track six, anbody else experiencing this? Maybe it's my computer, or is it a bad rip?

zillagord said...

@ T: yeah, I am getting "glitches" as well, so it's not just you.

@ Mutantsounds: the rest of the album is fine, and the music is great. Any chance of reposting just the one tune, "Blues For Rosa?"

Thanks for this and for all you do.

T said...

Oh yes forgot to say: thanks for posting, another superexcellent album! It made my day!

/hugs T

Unknown said...

The downloads are going through on this site but my computer a mac book pro is not able to read them they show up as blank files. Has any one else had this problem is there something???

Unknown said...


[I have a mac and never has any problem]

I wish to say more 1000 thank you for your fantastic work you do for music.

This album is now public for those who find you.

All the best!


more infos here about this record:

and see this page too (it's me!)

Anonymous said...

I've had this LP for years, and never been sure what the band's name is. I even thought that someone put a wrong label on the record or something. I mean, what on earth has this got to do with dancing?! Fantastic album! One of my favourites.
Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this baby - I didn't even know it existed. I love Hairy Chapter, especially 'Can't get through'. I looked for this on ebay and it costs a fortune. Great blog too by the way.

Anonymous said...