Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A prime mover of 80's French underground weirdity, this one time member of Rock Critics has seen the majority of his oeuvre posted in our forum over time. Here's one of the last extant pieces of the puzzle for your edification. Documenting Marianni's interaction with a host of fellow French oddballs (several of whom also appear on the Four French Forms compilation I posted back in October of last year), among them Pataphonie's Andre Viaud and Pole label recording artist Henri Roger, these characters supply a bewitching and idiosyncratic array of musical phrases for, alternately, clarinet, piano, bass, guitar and female voice that hang like suspended hieroglyphs over Marianni's woozily modulating planes of synth motifs, as they circumnavigate their way through the recurrent elisions and ellipses that Marianni sets in motion, periodically supplanted by Julie Pareles' extended interjections of inane verbal non sequiturs.

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Anonymous said...

Note to downloaders: Please use 7-zip to extract the latest posts from Eric (if you have trouble extracting). I ran into problems trying to extract using WinRAR, Winzip, etc.

Thanks for the new posts, Eric! Looks like great stuff as usual!

fuzztunnel said...

Wow, this is some glorious and lovely stuff here. Fantastic.

Toxik Boys said...

a relics on my country

thanks man!, thx

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Anonymous said...

This one is intensely ... awkward. And fascinating in its strangeness... :-) Thank you, Eric

Anonymous said...

Link is dead, FYI