Saturday, September 20, 2008


Following my post of their "W Koncu!" CD and a raft of other projects by Molr Drammaz and Mik.Musik label mastermind Wojciech Kucharczyk (including Pathman and Go Underground To See More Animals), here's another brilliantly befuddling piece of the puzzle; a collaboration with fellow Polish abstract electronica merchants Neurobot. It's a fascinating and singularly uneasy universe thats being conjured here, with extended slabs of ectoplasm drenched shuddering and shearing grey-scale atmospherics through which march blowgun wielding natives to the tune of something close to Randy Greif's ergot poisoned spins on Jon Hassell's Fourth world forays, the cybernetic and ritualistic being miscegenated in increasingly sonically perverted roundelays as this lengthy release unfolds.

Get pt. 1 Here

Get pt. 2 Here

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ha! another cool one from us, haha.
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