Thursday, September 24, 2009


One of the cornerstone documents of French outsider musical thought also happens to be amongst the countercultural documents most lost to humanity, this LP being the sole copy that I've seen after all these years with my head buried in fringe collector esoterica. Though this dates from the late 70's, every detail here smacks of an earlier era of French rock radicalism, Dilhac's ground-leveling post May of '68 angle of approach frequently positioning the genre dissolve here much closer to the aesthetics of Futura label artists like Jef Gilson, Jean Guerin, Chene Noir or Mahogany Brain though for every shitstorm of avant strangeness that transpires (howling at the moon Living Theater cum AAO Kommune-style insanity, declamatory spieling and percussive clatter ala Francesco Curra or Giorgio Battistelli), there's an equal measure of sumptuous songcraft and artful arrangements, with everything from delicately shaded jazz moves ala the AAOC's backings for Brigitte Fontaine to emphatic folk glazed by halo-ing electronic susurrations.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to recommend a very interesting Russian artist: Федоров Леонид or LEONID FEDOROV.
Specially his album with VLADIMIR VOLKOV "Безондерс" or "BESONDERS"

Anonymous said...

Love the French rock I have heard of off this place. Great artist. Out of curiosity, will we perhaps hear the friz be that someone mentioned on here long ago?


In-deed said...

hi! we{d like to know what you think about our music, we hope you like it. thanks for listening
Hope to see you around. Greetings

Christian Hagelskjaer From said...

Nice one! First, lots of shouting in French, and then...actual songs!
I like - wish I understood french. But hey, it's still very good chanson (or shout-son).

Btw: The captcha I'm seeing in this commentbox right now is (by accident?) the word "skede", which in danish means...vagina.
How's that for poetry?

trgec said...

wow...what a great surprise!I've just look back thru this blog and I'll find some 'till now unheard music.Thanks!...But there's out some stuff what I'm still looking for and perhaps You can help:V/A comps like Is The War Over;Double Booked;Sad Day We Left The Croft...Big Thanks!

noisenik said...

Indeed, huge surprise, my jaw almost fell-off. Megathanks again!!! Diggin' and diggin' and stil no bottom! Marvelous! Hmm, whatever happened with the rest of vinyls. Probably recycled, huh?

Postkrunk said...

I would like to recommend to dig Leonid Fedorov too, especially his solo stuff. I think he's mutant enough.

gilhodges said...

I'm late to the party, but this is glorious. Thanks!

Tom A. said...

This truly intersting... Do you have others ? Enfant de la Terre for instance ?
Thanks a lot anyway !
You make me know obscure music from my own country :)