Tuesday, September 15, 2009


'Tis a bit hard to get to grips with the aesthetic thrust of these Czech art rockers. There's a definite kinship with the boisterous minor key tumult thats characterized the former Czechoslovakia's best avant efforts from The Plastic People Of The Universe through to Uz Jsme Doma, but Psi Vojaci's temperment only allows for such waywardness to go just so far before events are tastefully reigned in by passages both more mellowly groovy and ruminatively pensive then their peers would allow for. Broken piano pound lurch and near-commerical tendencies are only an arm's length away from one another here and the proximity is both a bit of a head-scratcher and even a frustration at times, though even the most straightforward bits here eventually become entangled in tendrils of incipient strangeness that creep in from the periphery. This one's definitely proving to be a grower for me.

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fuzztunnel said...

So good! The mainstreaming of the Plastic People --> Pro Pocit Jistoty trajectory really yielding some amazing results here!
Not a "grower" for me at all; this one grabbed me from the first second in!


Philip said...

Great album! I'm new here, and I'd love to know your rational for shooting all the album covers from an angle...? Nice to see what they look like, but absolutely useless for iTunes, etc.