Saturday, December 12, 2009


An iconic and cornerstone document of the Neue Deutsche Welle tape scene, with fully three of the knockout bits here (by Roter Stern Belgrad, Ankles and Gorilla Aktiv) having already been revived on other archival releases. that said, it's just as often the lesser knowns that turn in eye opening material, ranging from Sueno Sueno's paradoxical lumbering skank and offhand chic to a synth blasted jazz curio from the Hans Kopf Terzett that sounds like an outtake from Jacques Thollot's Watch Devil Go.

Track listing:

Familie Hesselbach-Nicht Nur Tango
Romy Kindermann-Rororo
S.Y.P.H.-Kein Herz Fur Kinder
Erwin Brautigam Quintett-Dim The Light
Unser Favorit-Eins-Zwei-Dreistein
Zusatzzahl-Es Ist Nur Umpf (Live)
Sueno Sueno-Ineni Ahra Hauli
Flirt Of Fiasco-Wake Up (Live)
Roter Stern Belgrad-Killa Killa
Hans Kopf Terzett-Trilogie Zum Widerstand
NDL-Monaco, Monte Carlo, Baden Baden
Jimmy, Jenny & Jonny-Jimmy Leibt Jenny, Doch Jenny Leibt Jonny
Cinema Verite-Suez
Gorilla Aktiv-Kopf Und Bauch

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kind uplad venerable sir!

A. N. said...

i luv this blog man. you are a generous guy from heaven

Unknown said...

This is the exact reason why your blog is the best thing evaaaa.

Anonymous said...

the first track "dunkelziffer - shadogs" rocks!
y'know where i can find more songs by dunkelziffer?!?

William C Bevan said...

rock my candy coated brain stem

Anonymous said...

Well not exactly "Neue Deutsche Welle" i. e. Nena or such... ;-)

Looks like i finally should get my boxes containing tapes out of the cellar to digitize them...and spread.

More Dunkelziffer:

TY from Germistan

Anonymous said...

This comp is simply amazing. It's so good to discover this. Thanks Mutant Sounds!

Anonymous said...

hello sir,

is it possible to update the download? would be great!