Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As a Happy Hollandaise gesture from MS HQ, here's an exquisite curio cabinet of French marginalia that'll blow a few welcome raspberries into any holiday gathering you'd care to unleash it in. Issued on a sub-imprint of the notorious French Scopa Invisible label (Incontinents, Lucas Trouble, Tango Luger etc...), this compendium features lotsa intriguing unknown quantities along with a few more name brand experimentalists (relatively speaking), like former ZNR member Hector Zazou and longstanding avant garde collective Un Drame Musicale Instantane, most of it wonderfully fractured stuff in the grand French what-the-fuck? tradition.

Track listing:

Michel Risse-Pour En Finir Avec Jingle Bells
Daniel Cobbi-Bout De Gui
Galeschka Moravioff-Christ (Mas Sacrifice)
Pierre Sauvageot-Petit Tango De Noel
Fred Wallich-Fourmilitude
Joachim Vidal et Philippe Roberty-Espace D'Un Instant
Les Lumieres De Belleville-Les Cloches De Noel De Belleville
Francois Kremer-A Tous Mes Amis Pour Qu'ils Pensent A Moi De Temps En Temps
Un Drame Musicale Instantane-Pas De Cadeau
Olivier Foy-La Dinde De Noel (Mini Conte)
Mader-Menopause De Noel
Trait D'Union-Le Petit Marchand D'Allumes
Jean-Pierre Lentin-Plan General-Les Bergers Montent Vers Bethlehem
Luc Le Masne-Moi Et Mon Casio
Xavier Le Masne-Victor Ou Agathe
Hector Zazou-Le Pere Noel Ne Viendra Pas (Plus?)
Raphael Gimenez et J.J. Hertz-Texte Pour Balthazar...Necessite De
Provence-Cote D'Azur-Corse sous la direction de Pepe Portella-Babillotes

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estr said...

could you upload some albums from 'pelzwurstlieder' series by ditterich von euler-donnersperg?
i will be indebted to you forever.

The Bomber said...

Pumpimpa pumpimpum pum pum pum pumpumpum pa pum pum pa !

Merry Christmas to all the mutant bloggers here...
all the best


Anonymous said...

dear eric,
happy bogey's berfday! to give da humph his daps on this, his natal, thought eyed creep over here in this little box & push an agenda ov sorts. fer mutant-mas this year or yon new years or whenevs, next time ya post since you're apprently the sole mang beehivnd da mutated kurtain lately twood seem, eye wants ya ta kindly & finary reup steve thomsen's retrospective 2 & 3 to a sustainable spot & make good on yr word from like 666 astronomy domine & post this mythical 'farting pinapple' thing u mentioned back in 777 b.c. for us poor soles paying attention or retaining pretension. anyway last time eye axed 4 swon trove & u delivered it ala dinosaurs w/ horns like a day later. spoze we'll see if there's any spukhafte fernwirkung poppin off in the fates fer me just nau. when powerlines hum & the sycamores sway scattered white horses vanish in the haze. thx erik, mucho corazon az alwayz ~
ben laudanum

Anonymous said...

Very nice record - thanks!

http://karabouzouklides.blogspot.com said...

xronia polla

Anonymous said...

I have something that you may be interested in, but I can find no email address or contact anywhere on the site. How would you like me to contact you?

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-cool...I can be reached at:
pantheonbar@gmail.com Thanks...Eric

mc said...

continuo deserves it!

dan said...

brilliant! the next-to-last piece of Hector Zazou ephemera I've been trying to track down forever...

Homme Scalp said...

V.A.-Dix-Huit Surprises Pour Noel! : Great Great Great and RARE album ! Thank you very much for all the stuff you've published and wrote about. I'm looking for information about the piece : Provence-Cote D'Azur-Corse sous la direction de Pepe Portella - Babillotes. What is it? I suppose it is Patrick Portella, but there is no information on the piece.

Homme Scalp said...

about my last question : please write to scalp@plaxmol.com