Sunday, February 14, 2010


For all you krautrock acolytes out there who wondered what the hell ever became of that histrionic furry freak that spewed a geyser of feral vocal mania across Ash Ra Tempel's "Flowers Must Die" (and whom Julian Cope would memorably wax rhapsodic about in Krautrocksampler), wonder no further. The 24 years between Schwingungen and this CD have definitely seen the hysteria abate for this hirsute head, though fortunately not Mr. L.'s engagement with tapping the mysteries of the cosmos, with the entho/psych/trance seam that he's working here tapping a mode of communication reminiscent of modern Polish units Atman and their eventual successor The Magic Carpathians, but with the occasional graft-ons of his still very untutored sounding spieling.

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Anonymous said...

Just found you guys,love what you're doing!!John L &Adamah~Awesome! I've always loved Ash Ra Tempel & this is a fine addition to my collection!Also,Nukli!! The Ullulators!!! Had these when first released,brings back memories of dodging cops on Stonehenge walks & all sorts of other good Psychedelic Warrior shit...The Nukli have been re-formed since '07,by the way,still as good as ever...Any chance of some old Omnia Opera tapes?? I lost these several years ago & would LOVE to hear them again.. Some ST37 would be good,cant seem to find this stuff in England.. keep up the good work,Mutate & Transcend,love from Kozmik

Anonymous said...


You can get all the Omnia Opera you want here:

- Juan Jose

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the John L. album, a real surprise! I didn't know he'd done anything else, and it's very good, too.