Saturday, February 27, 2010


These obscure Argentinians (not to be confused with the Cuban proggers of the same name) erect a chassis of smokin' low down acid rock smolder in the mode of their countrymen in Montes, Relax or Arco Iris, upon which they graft flute/violin sympho elaborations that carry a strong whiff of Italian prog and rough spurts of horn-y jazz rock energy akin to something like Burnin' Red Ivanhoe. Quite nice.

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Jack Celliers said...

Fellow compatriots! And they sound great, didn't have these. Very nice jazzrock, sober and unpretentious when many seventies jazzrock/progressive bands used to be a little too arty.


Unknown said...

Hello, dear friend believe me or not I'm writting this message on my knees, I die for a lossless copy of this album. I'm Argentinian and the album is anavailable here (and most everywhere) as you probably know it does not exist on cd. Please re-up I beg you. Thanks