Sunday, March 7, 2010


To celebrate the release of the Terrace Industry CD boxset covering Australia's greatest ever underground label M-Squared, here's some otherwise unavailable related goodness retrieved from the archives of Voigt/465's Phil Turnbull. A Splendid Mess merited only one track on Terrace Industry, so for all of you intrigued by the glimpse, here's something more substantial to sink your cilia into, with these live recordings clocking in at around a half hour. The work heard here doesn't particularly remind me much of what was contemporaneously going on during that era of Aussie weirdity, instead tracing a similar sorta loose limbed but hard edged parabolic arc from post Krautrock groove to post punk angularity that bands like Bit's and Sticken-In were advocating for during the early 80's in Germany, though A Splendid Mess' structures are less elaborate and more incessant.

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Mitch Jones said...

One day when funds permit we will remaster and release a selection of M Squared live recordings. Sort of like a digital "Boxed Brownies Plus" Sure to include more Splendid Mess.

Mitch Jones
M Squared

Anonymous said...

wow, truly amazing music, hanx :)

c.patera said...

WOW! I've been wanting more of this band since hearing their great track on "A Selection". By the way, compare that song (NASA Secret Anzac) with Tolerance's "Sound Round" off the Divin LP. Strangely similar, though it's certainly due to whatever brand of drum machine they both used.