Saturday, March 27, 2010


Many years after my post of the Paul Platypus band Doof, here's another 10" on Namedrop Records by one of his related outfits of the era, though next to the deconstructed D.I.Y. limp and lurch of that project, Twelve Cubic Feet sound like The Beatles. The best bits here carry a distinct whiff of the sorta left field female fronted U.K. art pop perfection that folks like Family Fodder, Essential Logic and Ludus were proposing at that moment in time.

NOTE: Link removed at the request of the artist. More info about Twelve Cubic Feet can instead be found Here


Anonymous said...

raher wild, general

the saucer people said...

Thats weird, I was just listening to the Doof cover of the Gong classic "you never blow your trip forever" on the 1997 'You (Remixed) album (as an aside this is a highly recommended album of Gong covers)...anyway back to the point of this comment:

As far as I can see there is absolutely no reason for asking for this post to be taken down, the record has not been re-released (there are not even copies for sale on Discogs!) nor do I see any plans for it to be re-issued in the is not even available for download on the band's website:

"I am planning to produce scans of record covers, possibly even MP3s if I can work out how to make them"

Apart from the 'Evercare' track on the Messthetics #101 compilation there is no product as such...If however they were planning to re-release some material and/or post some MP3's on their own website, a post like this on a blog as popular as Mutant Sounds would only generate interest in the band's music and translate into future sales if anything was re-released...there is a good chance that no other blog has posted this album and the fact that Mutant Sounds have taken the time and trouble to make scans, rip the record and present it in a good quality format should have the band praising MS to the sky for taking an interest in the music they created nearly thirty years one is making any money off this, the contributers and readers are here because of the music, no other reason.

The irony is, such a heavy handed approach actually puts people off, it does not generate interest in my opinion. There are literally tens of thousands of posts of all manner of weird, wonderful and obscure music spread across a myriad of blogs and equally tens of thousands of records from the last 40-50 years which will never see the light of day...Mutant Sounds provide a valuable cultural service in this respect and thank god most artists who trawl the net looking for any mention of records they made in their younger days are absolutely delighted when they see their record posted (see the response of the American band Moebius and the post of their 1977 album for example)

The map is not the territory
The menu is not the meal
The MP3 rip is not the artefact

Philip Johnson said...

Re the comment above, I think it should be pointed out that the 90s-onward techno outfit called Doof has no connection with either Paul Plaitypus or myself. We were Doof in 1981-82, and I was frankly bemused when I found that other people were using the same name 15 years later.

Re Paul (I presume) getting the Twelve Cubic Feet tracks taken down, there's no reason for them to be available if he or the other band members don't wish it.