Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A well conceived round of tape manglings and undulating shudderings with absurdist undercurrents from this obscure Swiss crew associated with the art terrorists from Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock and released on their Schimpfluch imprint, also responsible for issuing the few other extant bits from this unit, which appear on the Stuhlgangblockade, Zerstuckelte Denkkurbeln and Psychic Rally No. 3 compilations. Accordions are abused, vocals stutter in time with metallic scythings, pitch shifted electronic loops evoke wounded animals and swarms of metal insects communicate in morse code with pans of sizzling fat over the course of these two side long investigations, though with the events here unfolding in a notably more integrated sonic fashion than the shock tactic structural (il)logic of most of the other artists associated with this imprint.

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Anonymous said...


Well, I know this can be a pain in the ass but after several attempts on the net I have to ask you this :
is there any chance of getting a download link to this french LP :

Ich Bin - Obéis ! (Poutre Apparente)

Anyway, thanks for the trouble.


Anonymous said...

This had me at "wounded animals and swarms of metal insects", thank you very much for uploading.

>>.> said...

hey-- it's not on your wantlist, but i have a square 7" flexidisc that accompanied the cravats LP the colossal tunes out. it is DCL laboratory series number 1 (DCL standing for dada-cravat laboratories). instead of the strange punk sound of the cravats, this is more sound collage/texture oriented, and would fit in with all the other stuff here just fine. I can't find the about me stuff or your profile or whatever, so if you want it, just email me (i think my name should link to it). believe it is only one sided, but is kind of neat, just because it is so different from all the other cravats stuff, and i think it is pretty rare, as i have never seen another one, or heard about it from anyone.

love the blog,

swivel and stoic girl!! said...

Hey Mutant Sounds,
i have no idea if you would dig this or not but what the hell!
Been following your blog for quite some time and i love it!!

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If you dig any of this please feel free to post something on "Mutant Sounds" it would truly be an honor!!!

Keep Bringin' It!!!

unimportant said...

Yowzah!-- Best tape cover art ever! That photo is magnificent, and the photocopy distortion adds to the effect.

Rubinrot said...

AArrgghhh, i wanna jerk off my towel or so... THX a Lot for that Tape that i've had and lost in nearly 20 Minutes ...so ive never heard it.

GRK. said...

Thanks very much.