Sunday, May 16, 2010


Some of the earliest extant recordings from this crew featuring long-time German sub-underground operatives Stefan Heinze (aka Inox Kapell) and Dieter Mauson from Delta-Sleep-Inducing-Peptide. Moody and remote, Nostalgie Eternelle's hazily recessive basement approach to minimal synthiness might have been chronologically behind the curve but musically, this stuff's right in the pocket. These two would issue a spate of releases under this identity across several Euro cassette culture imprints during the late 80's/early 90's, though this set appears to be some sorta privately issued collection retrospectively compiled by the band themselves, and now here it is now recycled, since the link's been dead elsewhere for some time.

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Psy Guy said...

Thanks VDO&Sound, love this stuff, wonder why it wasn't released?

Salaried Man Club said...

Great description.

Highly recommended download. The haziest of [blank] wave.

genericPlacebo said...

good one salaried man
i just put this under darkwave

so good when we cannot describe
such with one moniker

reminded me of some older
Death in June.

thanks once again for keeping us apprized