Saturday, January 1, 2011


A faux live album from an outfit who were anything but, Scotland's Chou Pahrot and it's pseudonym-bedecked operatives (M. Zarb, Eggy Beard, The Amphibian & Mama Voot, from left to right) are in fact a complete blast. Sure, the tweedy/beardy thing makes them look like they just wandered in from the photo shoot for Jethro Tull's Heavy Horses and that follows through to a degree in their sound, which also touches on Gentle Giant at their most straight ahead rockin', but there's another unmistakable odor wafting off this besides ale and weed and it's the unmistakably pungent scent of those who worship the Camembert Electrique; with several of the tracks here being riddled with the tell-tale impish sax curlicues and smirky pothead pixie space rock logic of Gong.

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Peter said...

this is great stuff. thanks so much!

fuzztunnel said...

Why do High Tide and Rustic Hinge also creep to mind...?

Anonymous said...

Great LP ,seen them once 30 yr or so ago ,pretty wild. They also had an E.P. before the LP ,,Buzgo Tram Chorus ,awesome ,bought it at gig still got it, thanks for this post , as i said great band.Cheers ,JC

vdoandsound said...

JC-You wouldn't possibly consider recording and uploading that EP for us to share here on MS, would ya? :-) I've never even heard of it's existence before. You can contact me at, if you're willing...thanks...eric

fuzztunnel said...

I second the motion for the EP. Please share if you can! I've read it surpasses the LP in quality.

Mystery Poster said...

A fan of Mystery Poster uploaded them for us back in 2008 when I had reupped it a year after the initial posting. Check the comments in the revived post which now links to yours and saves me the trouble of re-upping it again, thanks I guess.

Just checked, and the links to the files are dead, but the tribute page he was working on is now live:

There are some live recordings on there now, as well as historical info and some pics. Looks like it is also set up for listening to the Buzgo Tram Chorus songs also.

Personally, I find the LP to surpass those cuts, but they are pretty nice. The album also has an angular RIO bent that I've loved for years. Costumes are part of the charm for me to boot, scuba..! It was indeed recorded live and the fellow explains the situation on the site whilst professing his preference for the EP.

..Trammy Tram


Anonymous said...

Thanks - looks good!

Anonymous said...

I know the son of one of these guys, he does music under the name Nackt Insecten. Carrying on the family tradition in fine style!