Sunday, November 6, 2011


A wacky and drugged countercultural tape collage sprawl with intermittent bursts of acid rocking' antics in the spirit of Marks & Lebzelter, Gulliver's Travels and Woorden. This Krautrock curio and Nurse With Wound list rarity had a fair amount of notables operating in its ranks including Deuter, Daniel Fischelscher and Renate Knaup and they all periodically pop to the surface to do their respective trippy bits, though this is also an album whose biggest beneficiaries are gonna be those that Sprechen Sie Deutsche, as a goodly bit of this is pretty narrative-intensive, though it's all higher key hippy freak out brainfood regardless.

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Anonymous said...

too bad megaupload sucks so bad.....but thanks anyway

Anonymous said...

Megaupload is the best! Try it with FreeRapid Downloader 0.85u1 or newest

the saucer people said...

Well that is another one to tick off the NWW list! Have to agree with you about the non Sprechen Die Deutsche amongst us (I really should have paid attention in German class, an entire year and I still couldn't count to ten in German to this day), I can't help but feel I am missing something vital about the album.

The cover art is excellent, reminds me of the planet of the Clangers (UK psychedelic utopian children's TV show early 70s featuring a race of peacenik commune type aliens called "clangers" with an excellent "bleep" language for the uninitiated).

As for Megaupload (which seems the main topic of the thread so far) I use Jdownloader, cut and paste the URL which means a) you don't have to keep refreshing if you get the "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later" you can reconnect if the d/l breaks which never happens when I use a browser.

Scheinz said...

Although the record is very focussed on words I think the lyrics are not so relevant here, so a perfect understanding of German is not necessary. My mother tongue is German, and I must admit I got really lost focussing on the plot - there is none ;) It's a surreal piece of word-art.