Thursday, December 8, 2011


Swimming in an ocean of his signature cheap Radio Shack reverb and queasily modulating ham radio emissions, this is another lost monument of subterranean 80's tape culture electronic investigations from one of its most reliably excellent and significantly overlooked practitioners and a follow up to my post of his Pretty Young Negro Man tape some time ago. This Torrence California based marginal was a somewhat ubiquitous presence at one time on the sub-underground cassette network during the 80's and early 90's, often working in collaboration with a array of other networkers of that era, though there has always been an elegance and grasp of the macro/micro to Minoy's own work that makes it readily stand apart from others probing around in this soupy post industrial arena; Minoy's recordings having an intuitive grasp of manipulating the minutiae of shortwave-based (and shortwave bathed) sonics in a way that surpasses John Duncan's investigations into this realm of ghosted sound manipulations to these set of ears.

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elmer68 said...

Excellent- More Minoy! Thanks for this.

das said...

so who released this on cd ??
very true description, minoy is well missed !

vdoandsound said...

hi das-this came out on Damian Bisciglia of Agog's Spagyric label in the early 2000's.

Jean-Luc said...

Thank you ! Any Minoy is appreciated