Saturday, December 31, 2011


Issued on a once hugely prolific and now entirely forgotten Japanese experimental tape label of the early-mid 80's called D.D. Records, evidence of whose existence has all but disappeared (not a peep on either Discogs or Rate Your Music about them) despite their having issued 100+ cassettes and a handful of vinyl flexis during their lifespan (the Eurock book consolidating all the old issues of their zine has the only extant info on 'em that I'm aware of), this 1985 oddity by S. Ida & BGG, which landed in my hands a while back sans any imagery, accompanying info or even song titles, gives a strong sense of the quizzical and high quality experiments being unleashed by them. As evidenced by the sounds at hand, S. Ida & BGG exist to confound, or at least to cheerfully work through their fascinations with all manner of outwardly bound sounds of that era, however chalk-and-cheese it might be to dish their particular array out in one interwoven bundle. Starting with a fit of squalling and blubbering guitar excess emerging from a mire of melted shortwave radio signals and lumbering bass, the remaining contents take in everything from primitive and spasming sampled vocal malarky to terse string improv and from Neubauten-like metal bash strategies repurposed to infantilist ends and faux gamelan accomplished via tin whistle and kitchen debris to long expanses of location recordings of birds flocks with factories in the distance.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a review of something else on D.D. records that you might find interesting:

aram said...

Incredible there isn't a single discogs entry for a label that produced 100+ tapes in its lifespan. Thanks for sharing and bringing it to our attentions.