Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A genuinely startling and singular outfit, this very overlooked British duo's sonic syntax might initially seem to have affinities with some grimier strains of left field dance culture with the first few moves out of the gate here, but as the cascades of Junkyard gamelan, ham radio Bollywood broadcasts, belching and farting MS-20 synth melodies, and stereo-panned steel drum workouts pile on top of one another and the air becomes increasingly thick with atmospheric pressure it becomes ever more clear that you're in the presence of something singularly more elevated than that, with Gonk's particular breed of corroded and repurposed exotica having more in common with the likes of Japan's Grind Orchestra and Cordelia Records faux-ethno oddniks Leven Signs.

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GRK. said...

Thanks very much. Nice to see they're on the same label as Rob Ellis' Spleen.

tep said...

THANK YOU so MUCH !!!!!! Amazing music.