Wednesday, March 21, 2012


If you can avoid feeling wrong-footed by the sequencing here, which manages to shoehorn all the most interesting activity into the latter half of this compendium, this festival document contains a pretty exemplary cross-section of operators flying a flag for the sorta naif and art brut free folk frazzle and 5 AM communal jam ethos that this countries underground has largely become synonymous with. Scene elder statesman Keijo Virtanen shows up here both under his own mantle unfurling glazed blues psych wander teetering on the edge of collapse and along with his ensemble Kheta Hotem, who doodle their way through some tin can ethnological forgery), as do other mainstays like Avarus/Anaksimandros member Arttu Partinen, and Lal Lal Lal label head Roope Eronen's own Maniacs Dream, though it's Kemialliset Ystavat who (not unexpectedly) turns in the compilation's highlight with a mystically blasted extended vocal and birdsong workout called "Merkitty Tyyny".

1. Kukkiva Poliisi-Paskolampi
2. Reijo Pami-Hill Of Shame
3. The Ray Pacino Ensemble-I Took A Cab
4. Mary Fist-Clean
5. Nuslux-Jogging Pal
6. Snake Of Life-Paradise Is A Feeling
7. Master Qsh-Mitä Teet Polvellas Rakas Hans?
8. The Skaters-A-Doz-Hiel-Z
9. Kemialliset Ystavat-Merkitty Tyyny
10. Maniacs Dream-Tropical Illusion
11. Keijo-Whatever You Want
12. Kheta Hotem-Do This At Home
13. Arttu Partinen & His Partiers-A Man In Love

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