Sunday, April 8, 2012


Paragons of the Spanish synth pop scene alongside Aviador Dro and Los Iniciados, Metal & Ca are bound to put a sizable contingent of you folks out there directly into a minimal synth-y swoon with such a painfully pitch perfect iteration of this idiom as theirs. Compiling material issued over the three singles they released during their lifetime along with previously unreleased material and alternate versions of tracks, there's lots here going on beyond the undeniable similarity to both of their previously noted contemporaries present in the sound here. Liberally laced with both stately, minor key sax moodiness and vividly present and liquidly percolating electropop structures, their sound at times suggests a more pensive variant of Holland's Kiem, though other bits are anything but overcast, some getting their candy stripes directly from the Zuckerzeit factory, others picking up enough zippy melodicism and reverb soaked atmosphere to suggest both BEF and OMD circa Dazzle Ships.

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Anonymous said... isn't working

RickK said...

thanks for this one. I like cool electropop

soundvoyeur said...

This is really great. This, the following posts and all of them lately have been awesome. Somehow the mutant activity slipped past me on my blogger. Thanks for keeping up the good work. Eternal gratitude for the auditory enrichment of life you have brewed up for all of us.