Thursday, May 24, 2012


As an supplement to my customary five posts, I'm offering this little pointer to those illuminated by the recherche strains of junkyard exotica emanating off the Gonk CD that I shared semi-recently and who are fascinated to see where that lead to. Said folks will wanna make a bee-line over to the Worm Interface Records site, where the entirety of Dunderhead's Bee Cave Sounds is now being made available for free download. The project of one Nigel Smith, Dunderhead was his solo alias after his years of work in the Gonk duo, and sets forth a highly seductive set of electronic jazz interventions that flit around the edges of both Atom Heart territory (via Flanger or The Roger Tubesound Ensemble) and the Squarepusher of Music Is Rotted One Note, but wormholes beneath these signifiers into zones of heavy-lidded dislocation that are all Smith's own.

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Anonymous said...

Do you by any chance have the 12" he released around this album (I do but in storage in another country).
I miss the ep's all electronic mix of A Floorless Soul on the album...