Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Master drummer and absurdist force of nature Tatsuya Yoshida has spent the better part of 25 years carving his post-prog/post punk vocabulary of lurches, lunges, spasms and shrieks into the foreheads of generations of freaky music fans via uncounted bands and projects; the Magma-indebted Ruins and Koenjihyakkei being only two of his best known. The kind of the splintered and diarrhea-mouthed solo conniptions of his heard across these 23 tracks would ultimately be re-tooled into the one-man-band approach that he'd undertake under the banner of Ruins Alone on his "multi-band" jaunts round the world with Atsushi Tsuyama and Makoto Kawabata, though here, Yoshida's spontaneous rhythmic articulations and verbal expulsions (a bastardized variant of Christian Vander's Kobian mother tongue in Magma) feels more like a sketchbook within the overall arc of his discography, with only half of this very obscure Japan-only release of his conforming to the title's specs (the best half of the CD, for my money), with these one-man-band bits sandwiched between drum and vocal tantrums at the fore and in-the-red effected drum concussions at the aft, the latter of which doesn't add much to this experience except potential risk of speaker cone damage.

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Anonymous said...

Nuttiness! I love the way this sounds. The drumming on this is pants-shittingly hard-hitting and RAD. Thanku.

Anonymous said...

Dead Link