Monday, October 8, 2012


Batshit crazy acidhead bedazzlement from the heyday of the Dutch counterculture, with the free rock/free improv spirit summoning unleashed by this band of furry freaks begging comparison with the earliest and most shamanistically summoning wing of the Krautrock continuum from Amon Duul to Limbus 4 to Anima. It's a stance which makes their sound far more musically prescient and less time-bound than most anything else emanating from Holland at the time; their unfettered roundelays of bongos, flutes, horns, percussive clatter and wailing avant vocals offering direct pointers toward the sort of sounds currently embodied by the Finnish free rock and improv scene. The pics of half naked Dionysian abandon enclosed and the knowledge that part of this edition was seized by the Dutch police elevate the actions of these cultural provocateurs to an even higher level. An album to be relished.

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Anonymous said...

rather wild, general

Anonymous said...

Hans Frisch passed away last sunday.

guerssen records said...

does anyone know how to contact his son? Music licening related. Thanks.