Thursday, October 25, 2012


Before detuned communal drug fug became the touchstone of Finnish underground musical life, the Bad Vugum label and its scrappily art damaged house aesthetic were emblematic of much left field Finnish musical culture from a decade or so earlier. Keuhkot's crunchily corroded and Gonk-like cod ethno mulch, Deep Turtle's smurfy prog-punk conniptions and The Vacuum Cleaners Residential rock deconstructions earn pride of place in this collection to this set of ears.

1. Keuhkot-Kiihkoilijan Masentava Iltapäivä
2. Keuhkot-Poliisia Ei Arvosteta, Mutta Sehän Onkin Jo Klisee
3. Keuhkot-Liikaa Järkee
4. Deep Turtle-Jeriko Jr
5. Deep Turtle-Mr Coltrane
6. Deep Turtle-Arbean (It Makes You Dance!)
7. Deep Turtle-Tequno
8. Oak-Salvo
9. Oak-Go
10. Oak-Under The Wheel
11. The Leo Bugariloves-Tamminiemen Valtias
12. The Leo Bugariloves-Basic Question I
13. Dr Gunni-Til Ama Mömmu
14. Dr Gunni-Ziggi Zösä
15. Dr Gunni-Skerdingin
16. Dr Gunni-Kiddi Kindabyssa
17. Dr Gunni-Haettu Ad Strida Hundinum
18. The Vacuum Cleaners-Defy The Silence
19. The Vacuum Cleaners-Feline Gutz
20. The Vacuum Cleaners-In Plastic
21. The Vacuum Cleaners-A Zed And Two Noughts

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Dillin Brackett said...

Whoop whoop Deep Turtle!

GRK. said...

Ditto. Thanks v much for this.

Peter Tron said...

well done sir!

old bad vugum era stuff is hard to come by.