Thursday, October 25, 2012


From Die Radierer and Die Partei to The Wirtschaftswunder, Tom Dokoupil has had his sticky fingers in some of the most delectable of Neue Deutsche Welle pies. Quick Culture was another brilliant if short lived manifestation from his cheerfully fevered mind, this time in a trio alongside Detlev Kuhne, who'd go on to Die Hornissen from here and one Rosita Blissenbach. The drolly playful synth pop blip and zip of his work in the sensational Die Partei the year prior is evident, but there are a lot of other layers to this confection too, with this trio sometimes shimmying along the perimeter of Planet Claire and at others, exhibiting a mutant funk-y rhythmic gestalt with an almost Ike Yard-like insistence to it.

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Ben said...

There was so much fun and weird NDW stuff out there, but this belongs to the coolest, and most bizarre I heared so far. I love it - thanks for sharing!

Roetoes said...

Fun indeed. Thanks as always!

Anonymous said...

This EP's incredible no doubt.