Monday, November 12, 2012


Kalevi Rainio is Kake Puhuu and under the banner of Keuhkot has spent 15+ years confusing all comers with his one man band marching music for Finnish flea circuses and midget viking revelry. Those of you pleasantly confused by his contributions to the Dumbstriking Incidents compilation that I shared with my last round of posts will find much to delight in here, with Mr. Caca Poo wielding a similar cartoonish torch to those hoisted by the likes of Caroliner, John Gavanti and Leven Signs; a grunting post-Residential zone with an ethnological forgery patina that would latterly gain a degree more avant-prog oomph on his releases from the following decade for Circle's Ektro imprint, but here, his fuzzed rubber band and oxidized Casio palette just amplifies the more (delightfully?) maddening and claustrophobic aspects of his attack.

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Unknown said...

This is one from outside the box record.Those finnish chaps are weird.Great stuff.

Mr Cole said...

What was the name of the Flea marching music, please? Do you have a link? I have a particular interest in music by and for fleas.

Unknown said...

the file is corrupted