Friday, May 4, 2007

Alpha Centaury-same,LP,1976,France

The band is driven by jazzy drumming and blues guitar, underneath which a keyboardist holds chords and a bassist plays some interesting lines. Their slow, minor-key approach reminds me vaguely of other French artists, in particular Asia Minor, though Alpha Centauri's overall feel is that of 70's prog. The vocals are choral at times and very low-key. Using the word 'depressing' to describe them would be inaccurate, but that may give you an idea as to what they sound like. Overall, I find this a good, but not great release. One of the complaints I have about this disc is its brevity. Only 29 minutes? Surely there are some unreleased or live tracks somewhere to append? -- Mike Borella
From New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
Absolutely essential in my opinion.

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aceofspace said...

thanxs for your post, but i don't understand a think
1. la montre (6:03)
2. l'arbre (5:50)
3. la rire des pierre (2:01)
4. cage en béton (2:43)
5. passant de la nuit (6:35)
6. sans nom (5:56)
and in your post all the songs are very, very long...???
thanx a lot

kingpossum said...

Thanks again to the mighty Mutant for the Alpha Centaury post! You're right, depressing isn't the word, perhaps melancholic. Not a downer, just subdued.

Thanks as always

Dan said...

Yes, for some reason the total running time for this album is over 3 hours when it is unzipped. 4 of the tracks are over 30 minutes in length, and all are well over 10 minutes.

mutantsounds said...

for some strange reason winamp shows this long duration but when playing the tracks the actual duration is played...this means total about 29 mins