Friday, May 18, 2007

Camera Obscura 3 & Die Form-Final Edition ,tape,1982,France/Germany

Here's another Bain Total release.A split tape by Camera Obscura with Die Form.Rough dark electronic industrial weirdness with Phillip Fichot's S/M artistic extravaganza present.Will appeal all fans of Throbbing Gristle,early PTV,Coil ,Sleep chamber.Highly recommended,but approach with care:)

get it here and here


o- said...

dear master of rare, i m looking for anything released under the name of lieutenant murnau...maybe, you could search your archives for this ?
thanks a lot :)

Fred G. Sanford said...

hey good job.

I really loved the "SINN AND FORM" compilation those many years ago
from germany.

This definetely scratches the same itch (well for me it does).

hey that Kangaroo K thingy came in encoded or something. Can't extract the files.

Wheaticus said...

Thanx mucho for this post. My old roomate used to have all this older 80's experimental/industrial music, including much of Die Form. Had some great stuff to from a French performance group Etant Donnes, they were really great and at times quite brutal! Have you anything of theirs? Some old Esplendor Geometrico I remember really enjoying too. Anyways, amazing amazing post!

FuzzFlynn said...

Ever heard the Fix Planet Compilation? Its this International comp that came out in, I believe 79 or 80 (maybe 78). It had Die Form, I believe, collaborating with another well it featured this early Esplendor Geometrico song which is really awesome though quite "weak" in the sense of power electronics...though great in the vein of minimal synth.

Wheaticus said...

I hadn't heard that Fix Planet compilation. I have an old ass cassette dub of the Sinn & Form compilation that has Esplendor Geometrico as well as P16.D4, CTI (Chris & Cosey, I believe), Human Flesh, Etant Donnes, Nocturnal Emissions, Club Moral and others. I suppose I could post if interested and an understanding that it isn't quite as optimal as it could be. MutantSounds?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, "No Fun" is great!